Happy Mail From Penny Black At Allsorts

sunflower stamp and pink and green card prize from penny black at allsorts challenge
this gorgeous penny black stamp that i won at penny black at allsorts‘ july challenge and the cute card from brenda arrived in today’s mail – thank you!  since it’s a monthly challenge (more my speed), you have until the 28th to enter your penny black images for a chance to win – check it out!


4 thoughts on “Happy Mail From Penny Black At Allsorts

  1. So pleased it arrived and you like the stamp, it’s one I have and love it too.

    I am never sure when I sent things off overseas how long they will take and if they ever arrive – would you believe I had one returned from the far east last week which I sent in March, I ask you five months for the post office to tell me the addy was wrong – and on checking it was 100% correct !!

    Have a good weekend.

    B x

  2. I’m so pleased that you liked your prize, and thank you for taking part and supporting our challenge.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  3. Good for you, Linda! It’s a great to receive a prize like this. I’m elated you were recognized for your beautiful card. Happy Anniversary, my friend.Anne

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